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Titel: Vulture
Schrijfster: Rhiannon Paille
Serie: The Ferryman and the Flame #3
Lees over de eerste boeken in deze serie:  Hier
Uitgave: June 18th 2013
Uitgever: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Leeftijdscategorie:  Young Adult, jongvolwassenen
Aantal bladzijden: 496 p.


 Over Vultures

Hoe ver zou jij gaan om iedereen te verrraden die je ooit hebt gekend?

Kaliel had niet gedacht dat een tweede kans met zoveel tumult zou komen. Verbannen van haar thuis, omringt door vreemden en verliefd op een jongen die ze niet meer herkent, ziet ze het niet meer zitten. Ze heft haar beste vriend nog, een nieuwe mentor en een kans om de oorlog tegen de Valtanyana, maar alles voelt verkeerd. Wanhopig om haar leven terug te veranderen naar hoe het was, ze sluit een deal, die alles kapot maakt.

Over Rhiannon Paille

Rhi was is nooit een normaal meisje geweest. Haar leven was urban fantasie, gehuld in paranormale romantiek en geserveerd met een beetje horror. Om haar dagelijkse raare leven te ontsnappen begon ze met het schrijven van fantasie verhalen. Ze heeft gestudeerd aan de Universiteit van Sedona en MIMT, en heeft doctoraat in Metafysische wetenschappen en parapsychologie. Ze is getrouwd met de directeur en eigenaar van een stripboeken winkel en houdt van architectuur.

Fragment uit het boek:


 She was alive and all she felt was the cold. Stinging armor rested against her cheek, clammy hands on her back, sopping dress against her arms. All of it made her shiver on the inside. She didn’t have words to explain how she felt. A heartbeat rang in her ears, breath flushed in and out of her lungs, fingers curled around a boy’s shoulder and pressed into the skin at the nape of his neck. The last thing she remembered was the murderous look in Crestaos’s eyes before she thrust herself into the mouth of a volcano.
 And she remembered exploding.
 It was raining.
 Everything felt so different.
 Knots twisted her stomach, limbs heavy, head swimming with thoughts, with questions, with shock. Krishani released her briefly and looked into her eyes. He looked different, felt different. His black hair was longer, reaching his neck, his face 
pallid, eyes sunken into thin malnourished cheeks, deep bruises underneath them. A curl of black dirt crept across his neck. She barely caught it in the eerie darkness, nothing but torchlight illuminating the night.
 Crowds of people milled around them, stumbling or dragging themselves towards the lights. Hooves pounded back and forth, stopping and starting again, weaving through the wounded and dead. A high pitched lull dulled Kaliel’s sense of hearing. It cast a net over sound, muffling the noise. Krishani tucked his fingers under her chin and pulled her face up to his. She realized he was speaking. Hearing his voice nearly undid her. 
 “I need you to go inside.” His tone was gentle, less ragged compared to the first time he said her name. At the time his voice had been raspy, hollow, lethal. She didn’t want to know what he meant when he told her not to touch him. She went to pull away but he kept her attached, turning. Behind him were large gates and stone walls stretching into darkness. A dirt road marked at intervals by torches spread into a village. It was crowded by people in golden armor or shredded clothing. She didn’t recognize anything and immediately tensed. She glanced at Krishani, gulping. Her throat was scratchy, burning as saliva trickled past her tongue.
“Where are we?” she asked, alarmed. She didn’t know if her eyes had turned their usual green, she wasn’t even sure what color her eyes were anymore. This wasn’t her body.
 “Terra,” Krishani whispered as he pulled her taut against him and covered her left arm with his, twisting his fingers through hers. She glanced at him, fear snaking into her, a million questions pounding at the fore front of her mind. “Go with Tulsen, I won’t be long,” he said, still talking into her ear.

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